Andrea Mitchell tries to downplay Davis “Blurry Bio” Gate

What a shocker?!?! Andrea Mitchell tries to downplay the fact that Wendy Davis was caught up in “Blurry Bio” Gate of her own making.

Here is the transcript of the segment”

ANDREA MITCHELL: And switching gears to Wendy Davis, someone we’ve talked about quite a bit in Texas, running for governor, running for the nomination for governor, the Democratic nomination. And now forcing – being forced to answer media reports down there that she had slightly altered her resume or focused on the single mom aspects of it and didn’t really give the timeline correctly. You never want to be on the defensive about giving your biography when you’re running for office, but this is a careful balancing act also, given her appeal to many women and the fact that she’s potentially running against a man.

RUTH MARCUS [WASHINGTON POST]: Sure, she did live in a trailer for some time. She was a single mom for some time. But she did acknowledge being a little bit loosy goosy with the facts. And it’s actually really quite analogous to the Christie story, which is, the more prominent you get, the more intense the scrutiny is on you and your behavior. And I think, to some extent, on both of those figures, are reaping a little bit of the perils of notoriety. She needs to just make sure from now on that she gets her story precisely straight because the – she didn’t need to really amplify it that much. It would have been fine just on its own. It’s always the cover-up, not the crime, it’s always the exaggeration, not the actual facts of the case. So you know, honesty the best policy. What a surprise.

MITCHELL: In politics as well as in life.

It is amazing that Mitchell would say anything close to “honest is the best policy.” I don’t understand what she means by “careful balancing act” given her appeal to women and that she might be running against a man. Women don’t or shouldn’t need to be lied to to get their votes. If they do then she has no business running for any office, much less the governor’s. Give me and Texas a break and just drop out of the race now Wendy.

What has Mitchell done the past five years when the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has lied about anything and everything? She just covers it up or refuses to cover it at all, just as many others from the mass media do. And they wonder why their viewership continues to drop. American people can see through the lies and tell that the media stopped doing it’s job a long time ago.

Slowly but surely America is waking up.


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