Our Latest Show on Blogtalk Radio

We were very honored to have Amil Imani as our guest on our latest show. We discussed the Islamic Revolution’s effect on Iran and how the majority of Iranians feel about America and Islam. It was a very informative 2 hours for sure. We opened up with a reading of a blog written by Amil and for the next 1 hour and 50 minutes we were told what had happened to Iran since Ayatollah’s return to Iran.


Gulf and Smokie welcome Amil Imani

Misogyny, extremism, and sexism drove couple from the religion of war. They see but globalists and leftists throughout the world still believe it is the “religion of peace.” Wake. Up. Before. It’s. Too. Late!!

Muslim couple leaves Islam because it’s a “religion of war” full of “venomous misogyny”