We are in a declared war whether we have declared it or not. Time for us to take the battle back at them.

America at War: Let Us Reclaim Our Independence Day – Understanding the Threat



A few things from Amil Imani

1. Some people, particularly Muslims, believe I don’t like Islam. You know what? They’re right. I don’t. I don’t find much of anything in Islam-even remotely likable.
2. One thing I do like about Islam though, it makes my job that much easier. All I have to do is explain their own scripture and practices in their own words. I’ve done my job and you need to do yours. Islam was not for me, is it for you?
3.Some Muslims faced with my criticism of Islam, can’t refute what I say. They instead say they’re all lies that I made it all up.
Making up lies, credible lies, is difficult. Besides, no one is smart enough to remember all the lies they tell and then end up giving themselves away. But, when you speak the truth you don’t have to remember anything. 
Truth is not something you make up, as lies are. Truth is a universal treasure that belongs to all and sets us free.

Amil Imani

He wrote this but I agree with it in it’s entirety. He was born in Iran before the Islamic Revolution and speaks from personal experience. Listening to pro-Sharia me believing their lies is pure insanity. We need more like Amil speaking out. 

Leftists, whether jurists, politicians, or just voters, can’t learn anything until it is repeated many times over so their little brains can soak it in.

I had said once before President Trump should have ignored the lower court rulings and went and instituted the travel ban anyway since it was constitutionally within his executive power to enact it. Glad to see someone that law agree with that.

Unlikely lower courts learned a lesson from SCOTUS slap down on Trump Travel Order

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn calls someone that has preached for a worldwide caliph an honored citizen and invited him to tea at Parliament. He refused an opportunity to show support for British Veterans this past weekend so he could speak at a rock concert.

Good thing more people are beginning to stand up for British culture lately. The youth at that concert were listening to Corbyn talk about peace in their country while doing absolutely nothing to insure it.

Fuck him!! We are all waking up and demanding something from our leaders that will protect cultures in all our countries in the West.

Jeremy Corbyn caught on video calling Muslim hate preacher ‘honoured citizen