Is Islam a religion? Political Movement? Government?

Is Islam a religion? Political Movement? Government?

The answer is yes to all three but can that be changed?

Being classified as a religion is the secret weapon of the jihadis and muslims. To beat this cult of death it would be easier to declassify it as a religion especially in the West. The West puts protections on Islam because we don’t criticize or condemn religions in general. This gives Islam the ability to say that the atrocities acted out by terrorists in the West have nothing to do with Islam and people use the religion tag as an excuse to call those that attack Islam as Islamaphobes and Racists(Even though Islam is not a race).

We’re going to have to beat this “religion” because it’s the worst and most dangerous of them all. We need to recognize the truth that Islam is evil and it is acting on that faith that get true believers to carry out the acts of atrocities they do. We need to keep telling the truth of this. It’s not a matter of what Muslims believe, it’s a matter of what IS Islam.

Islam is a religion. It has a prophet, a holy book, and a God. It’s accepted as a religion by all Muslims and the vast majority of non-Muslims. Pretending Islam is not a religion now in the middle of its religious war against us does nothing for our efforts against it moving forward.

No one would fly planes into buildings without their religion saying that they would enter paradise. 9/11 was an act of war, but it was also an act of faith. Denying this fact does nothing for our fight against its true believers. In the end, when we finally eradicate this threat, we can be more honest about what role religion played in Islam’s ability to get away with what it has for over a thousand years. If it wasn’t a religion, it would not have lasted as long as it has, and gotten away with as much as it has. That’s a fact we need to observe and think about, very seriously, instead of dismissing it as somehow irrelevant.

These are things I have learned from reading writings of recovering muslims.


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