Could this possibly be the biggest crock of $#|£! in the history of Huff Po? Muslim women are considered lower class individuals in their households and countries. They are subservient to the males in their family. If they are raped they have to have many more witnesses to that crime or most of the time they are stoned to death. Recently a young girl was kidnapped and put into sex slavery(all fine with Islam) but when relatives freed her from this captivity they did what? Right they killed this poor girl. They would do the same to adult females in a heart beat.

The article also mentions they believe all Muslim bodies are their temples. Yea nothing proves that like like strapping a bomb under your clothes and walking into a crowded square, bus, building, etc., and blowing everyone up., Muslim or not.

Come on HuffPo!! Get educated. It isn’t hard to do. Information of their brutality is all over the internet. It’s dumbasses like you that have ruined Paris, London, and many other cities in Europe.

Muslims Are the True Feminists | HuffPost


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