#HonorChrisKyle Event scheduled for Monday at 9 PM EST on PJNET

I have been asked to host an event to honor Chris Kyle at PJNET. The event follows #IStandWithIsrael that starts at 7 pm EST. When it gets to 9 pm we switch the event over to #HonorChrisKyle.

I have chosen some interviews of Kyle from Conan O’Brien, Bill O’Reilly, and others. We will play songs that range from pop to country to rock and roll that all pay tribute to our veterans and Chris. I think there will be something there for everyone.


I am lucky to have been asked to do this. I hope I can count on my readers and friends to come to the event and watch some of the clips I have chosen and send out some or all of the 50 tweets we have loaded up.

When the movie American Sniper was released some in the liberal zombie world took shots at Chris Kyle and many of his fellow veterans. We here at PJNET cannot sit back and let that be the end of it.  Monday on the second anniversary of his murder many groups on Twitter are trying to get #HonorChrisKyle trending and we are going to be the night-cap on that effort.

PJNET is a site that allows your tweets to hit a much larger audience. Once you have tweeted one of the provided tweets from the site most of the people on the site at that time will retweet it. There are 3,382 members that are reaching 13,486,329 Twitter timelines due to the machine of teamwork. There is no need to sign up to the site. You can gain admittance with a Facebook or Twitter log-in.

They have multiple events weekly. Monday nights from 7-9 EST they are having #IStandWithIsrael events until Israeli Prime Minister Benjamim Netanyahu has spoken to Congress. The total tweets that night is an inspiring total for sure and going up each event.

On Tuesdays between 7-9 EST they leave the politics and discord at the door and get on with praising God at #RenewUS. It is the closest thing you will find to Twitter Church out there. They play some great Gospel music and praise music while tweets are being dispatched.

#COSProject takes over on Wednesday night between 9-11 EST. Convention of States is a concerted effort to get at least 34 states to request a convention. We play patriotic music as well as informational videos about Convention of States.

Take a look at the site and bookmark for any of the events. We look forward to seeing you there. http://patriotjournalist.com/HonorChrisKyle.php



2 thoughts on “#HonorChrisKyle Event scheduled for Monday at 9 PM EST on PJNET

  1. Chris Kyle Band

    Been forwarded your info..I am the Singer/Producer/Publisher for the Chris Kyle Band- 1st Vid in 2013- Obviously Not Videographer- But Singer-Done Many Interviews and Honored to forward Interview or upload you the Music from Our Track -WAV or Mp3 -Have paperwork in with CKF for affiliation/Partnership -Published Wave Goodbye Sniper Kyle 8 days ago….
    Pls contact if interested- Bennieascap@aol.com


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