My Year in Review

The year started much the same as 2013 had ended. I was co-hosting Min and Friends with Minsotagirl on Blog Talk Radio. That would end before January was over but I still was part of the panel on Reactionariez’s Speaks Radio Networks Fast and Furious Fridays.

In March I went to Patriots Rally for Freedom event in San Marcos, Texas and met some people who would become good friends during the year. I met Wayne Dupree(The News Ninja), Tom O’Halloran, John Barges, Michael Jones(The Underground Professor), and Dwayne Stovall. I also heard some great speeches from many patriots on hand. An all around great day with lots of conservatives on hand. I also ran into a friend from FTR Radio and Twitter at the event, Kemberlee Kaye.

  Me and the News Ninja Wayne Dupree

Me and Tom O’Halloran

The Underground Professor and I

Also in March Reactionariez started a new show that I was lucky to be part of. It was a short lived show called the Tin Foil Hat Smackdown Hour. It included Reactionariez, GulfDogs, and myself and we covered many different topics from different angles. The show has been reformatted and has become the Chaos Bunker beginning January 1, 2015.

In June I attended the Texas State Republican Convention in Ft. Worth with Michael Jones and met up with fellow hosts Dan Butcher(Pundit Press) and Scott Osborn(Contending 4 Truth), as well as met some great candidates for office across the state. These included Carl Pittman, Sid Miller, and Scott Turner. I also met another acquaintance from FTR Radio, Amy Miller.

Dan Butcher, Scott Osborn, UGP, and I

Me and Scott Turner

Amy Miller and I

Also in June on Father’s Day  GulfDogs and I began our weekly show  called B&R Radio’s The Last Stand. We invite guests from many backgrounds to come on and educate the listeners on the subject of their activism. We have had Alice Linahan speak about her quest to end Common Core across Texas as well as across America. Dwayne Stovall has come on to talk about his desire to reinstitute Federalism across America. We have discussed Islamic radicals and their desire to destroy the West, Barack Obama’s seemingly hate of our military and citizens, political correctness’ war on the conservative opinions, and many other topics.

Me, Alice Linahan and The Professor

In July we had our annual Harrison/Ross Family Reunion in Dublin at Green’s Creek Baptist Church. This year we had cousins from Mississippi show up. My cousin Cheryl had sent me several pictures of my family that I had never seen before and it was great to meet her. My wife and I have made plans to attend a Family Reunion in Mississippi next April or May.

Cheryl and I

In October The Exceptional Conservative, Ken McClenton, came to Dallas for an event and The Professor and I met up with him at a Saltgrass Steakhouse for dinner and followed him back to his hotel to watch the master broadcast his show. We had a great visit with him during the show and afterwards.

Ken broadcasting his show

Professor listening to Ken’s show






In December we visited with my wife’s family for Christmas twice, on Christmas Day with her parents and uncle and then on the following Saturday in Lipan with her whole family. It was a great day visiting with her brother’s family. Plenty of good eats and drink and a little darts afterwards.

The Gamewell Clan

Also in December my wife and I met up with another host from Blog Talk Radio, Eliza Jane, and her husband for brunch. We had a great visit and looking forward to meeting up again.

In the new year, like I said, we plan on visiting more family members in Mississippi at their next reunion. I also have plans to go to Minnesota to meet some more hosts and go to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.  I also hope to blog more often next year if time permits.

In the meantime I want to wish all the readers and friends a Happy New Year. May it be filled with Blessings and good health.



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