Happy Anniversary LeAnn!!


                          LeAnn and I in 2009


I have been blessed to be married to LeAnn for 22 years now. We were married on November 14, 1992(Valentines Day in November). She is a gift from God that I needed at a time when I needed it most. She gave my life meaning and a purpose. It hasn’t always been easy but I wouldn’t trade the last 22 years for anything. We have 2 great kids, Harrison and BriAnne(BiBi), and a beautiful home. I even have great in-laws. Without her none of this would have been conceivable for me.

When we first got together friends of ours would tell people we knew that there wasn’t anyway that this would last. They didn’t see the friendship that turned into love. Over the years we have become closer and closer and now can read each other’s minds in some weird way. She is the rock of this relationship and always tries to keep me from being my negative self. My love for her is endless and grows each and every day.

I U Sweetcakes!! To the moon and back!!


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