The Last Stand with Bosch Fawstin


The show on November 9th was a great show. Our guest was Bosch Fawstin for the first hour. He talked about growing up as a muslim in The Bronx. He also explained his path since he left the ideology. He talked about the false belief that “moderate” muslims can help save countries from the radical jihadis across the world.

He is the creator of the graphic book The Infidel featuring Pigman. They are more than comic books with the subject he exposes and fights in them. There are two issues out at the moment and they can be found at for less than $3. I highly encourage you to purchase these and support Bosch in his efforts to educate people on the facts of islam.

Enjoy the show and share it with your friends. He comes on around 15 minutes in and stays for 45 minutes or so. We were honored to have him as guest and looking forward to him coming back on with us in the future.

Click here to listen to the show. 


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