Suicide is never the answer

While I was listening to a show tonight I was told the news of Robin Williams death. Though I loved his movies and he made me laugh and cry with his performances I lost all respect for the man when I heard the way he died.

Suicide is a cowardly selfish way to die. It might end the hurting the coward is feeling but the hurt and depression it brings his family and friends is just starting. My daughter had a good friend commit suicide and that family is still suffering today. Williams’ family will have this feeling of sudden loss and separation from him for the rest of their lives.

It is a shame that the last act he committed will be responsible for the pain and sorrow of many family members, friends, fans and others. I know when he did it he was not worried about others feelings or he might not have done it. That is why I call it the cowardly selfish way out.

Too many times I have seen people take the “easy” way out without caring for the pain it causes. I can’t and won’t say RIP to Robin Williams. I am sorry about that but I just can’t. I will however pray for his family, friends, and fans, that see that there is life beyond their sorrow of today.


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