Israel stands alone

A truce that Israel agreed to was broken by the same thugs and militants that started all this increase in hostilities. Hamas cannot let a day go by without sending rockets into Israel and therefore Israel must defend herself and take out the rocket launchers.

Hamas hides their launchers in populated areas there by using the people as human shields. Israel uses it’s rockets to defend it’s citizens from Hamas rockets.

Critics claim Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians but stats will tell you something completely different. Since 1970 the Palestinian population has grown by 100% and they are predicting it to double again in the next 20 years. Israel must be totally inept if that is their aim.

Not only the increase in population in Gaza but the Israelis kept the gate between the two countries open during the rocket assault, allowing hundreds of trucks carrying first aid supplies, food, water and other necessities.

They also have used phones and dropped leaflets to warn residents in the North that they should move South because there were going to be moving forces into that region. However the Hamas scum told the residents to stay in their homes.

Another dumb complaint against Israel is that people aren’t dying there as a result of the rockets. First of all, Israelis are staying in bomb shelters during the night and run to them during the daylight attacks. Hamas uses the bomb shelters in Gaza as warehouses to store the rockets they have collected.

Media and critics worldwide have a narrative and a side in this fight and it isn’t the people of Israel or the Palestinians. They have chose the terrorist group Hamas as their favorites in this battle.  They become scum too by their choice of forces they defend.  Shut off the MSM and remember the countries you hear attacking Israel for defending themselves. Don’t give them any of your time or money.

As for me I am standing with Israel and ask those that agree with me to say a prayer for their safety tonight and every other day.




3 thoughts on “Israel stands alone

    1. smokie0730 Post author

      Thanks for reading it. People hear so much false information about Israel it was time I tried to put some facts out there also.


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