On the next B&R Radio’s The Last Stand….

TheLastStandSunday night at 9 Eastern, GulfDogs and SmokieTX welcome Christopher Logan of Logan’s Warning to the show. He educates people on the evils of Islam and recently confronted Curtis Sliwa, founder of NYC’s Guardian Angels, about his refusal to see what Islam is all about. I am sure that we will talk about this on the show. He is an in-your-face personality and will fit right in on the show.

Also, we have asked our friend Luchadora to co-host the show with us. She has kindly excepted. She is co-host of Radio Jihad’s Freedom Quest with Eliza on Wednesday nights at 6 Eastern. She is also a panel member of Reactionaries Speaks Fast and Furious Fridays at 8 Eastern.

With the show’s logo above you can go to the show page and click remind and set up an email reminder for the show. If you are registered with Blog Talk you can go the Halls of Valhalla page and click follow and will receive notifications for upcoming shows. Come sit in the chat as a guest or sign in to take part in the conversation.



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