Wendy Davis flip flops on border surge plans


Using typically progressive talk, Wendy Davis has flipped flopped on Governor Rick Perry’s plan to send more law enforcement officers to the border. She now says she supports it but was against it before she was for it. Sound familiar?

Davis spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña said in February that Perry’s and Attorney General Greg Abbott’s, GOP candidate for governor, plans are just like “the ‘stop the invasion’ rhetoric we’re hearing” from others. What is wrong with stopping the invasion? Not a damn thing.

“Actions speak louder than words, and Greg Abbott’s actions are downright hostile,” Acuña said. “Abbott even went as far as comparing the Texas border to a third world country. Unlike Greg Abbott, Senator Davis has a strong record of fighting for all Texans.”

Miss Acuña. One thing you need to realize. People crossing the border illegally are NOT Texans and as such can’t vote for your candidate. Even if they could vote they would choose not to vote for Abortion Barbie. There is precedence for that. Look at all the hispanics that choose to vote for the other candidate during the primary.

Once we stop the flow of illegals we can sit down and come up with a plan for immigration refore but not before the invading illegals are stopped. President Ronald Reagan signed a deal in the 80s that was supposed to reform immigration but one part of that act was never enacted. Can you guess which part?

What about securing the border freaks the leaders in both parties in Washington out? Is it the common sense approach? I know that is a much needed element both parties need in D.C.

Late last week an official at the Mexican consulate where protests were taking place to demand US Marine’s release said this comment. “Those that cross the border illegally have broken no laws.” Really? “Illegally” usually denotes some kind of act that is against the law. These are the kind of idiots that we have running countries around the world. To them they are just words but words have meanings and those meanings can be changed to mean the opposite. I guess the progressive socialists now not only rewrite history but also the dictionaries.

Try again goofballs. There are plenty paying attention to you idiots. Good luck next time.



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