BREAKING: Militia Has Arrived to Defend the Border

Welcome to Texas!! Thanks for defending the border!!

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BREAKING: Militia Has Arrived to Defend the Border

Civilian militia groups, including several present during the Bureau of Land Management incident at the Clive Bundy Ranch in Nevada, are responding to the growing humanitarian crisis in Texas.

As federal Customs and Border Protection agents remain completely overwhelmed by the increasing flood of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border, the state of Texas has announced a “Texas Border Surge,” and the militia groups are responding.

Militia representatives announced during a recent conference call that they have approximately 500 militia troops on Arizona’s southern border as well as an advance group in the Laredo, Texas area.

Republican State Representative Steve Toth made comments apparently aimed at discouraging such militia participation, but the affect–if any–of those comments on the militia groups remains unclear. An online announcement declared the initial intent to man the border crossing at Laredo, Texas.

The militia’s “action alert” as it appears on Brietbart:

***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas…

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