“The Last Stand” takes on Political Correctness


After a test show last Sunday we get down to work this week. Sunday night at 9 Eastern we take on a topic that is tearing at the seams of American Life. It is designed to create victim groups and keep quiet dissenting opinions. Of course what I am talking about is Political Correctness.

GulfDogs and I will cover some of the history of PC and what we remember from our youths in the 60s and 70s. We will mention some current events and how PC shapes the narrative of the left. Yes I said left. They are the ones that control what can be said and what can be published.

It is time for Americans with differing opinions to stand up, be loud and not back down. Tonight we bring on Trisha(Not Politically Correct with Trisha) to do just that. We will turn her loose on the subject. She is not shy about expressing her opinion and has made  many glad that she is one the side of Freedom and Liberty.

Come join us in the chat and even call in if you wish to contribute to the show. You can call in just to listen but press the 1 key if you wish to come on. The number is  (646) 478-4654. If you wish to keep up with the chat discussion going on during the show just click on the following link and set up a reminder for the show. You will receive an email with the link right as the show starts. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hallsofvalhalla/2014/06/23/b-and-r-radio-the-last-stand



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