Exposing Extortion 17 with Holger Awakens

My friend Holger has a show scheduled for Saturday at 8 Central that will be about the loss of SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. The call sign for that flight was Extortion 17. They were some of America’s bravest and best. It is the largest single loss of special forces in American history.

Charles Strange will be the guest for the show. His son Michael was one of the SEALs lost on that flight. Charles has been doing his own investigation into how Extortion 17 happened. He has been stonewalled by government and military. He is steadfast in his determination to acquire the information and Holger and a lot of others support him in his efforts.

Also we hope to get Charles to talk about his foundation he has set up at http://www.michaelstrangefoundation.org and the good work he is doing for families that have lost loved ones in the battle against terror. We all support this effort also and would hope that y’all can find it in your hearts to make a donation to this worthy effort also.

Below is a promo for the show that our friend Stanger put together. Please listen and share this show information. Lots of people might not know about Extortion 17 and the cover-up that has occurred since. Thanks for your attention and assistance making this a successful event.



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