Memorial Day is a day for remembrance

Most Americans think of Memorial Day as the first weekend of Summer. Some think of the Indianapolis 500. Some think about family gatherings where BBQ is the food of choice.


All these are fun and I might take part in one or two of these also but that is not the reason for Memorial Day. The day is set aside to honor and remember those gave the ultimate sacrifice during times of war. There have nearly 850,000 deaths to men and women during the conflicts our military has been involved in around the world.

These deaths have affected many families, some families more than once. This day was created to show thanks for these men and women who have died during battles and their families that they have not been forgotten.

So when you get together with family, friends, or just coworkers today, say something about remembering those vets that have paid the ultimate price from the American Revolution to today’s War on Terror.

We are home of the free because of the brave. Our country has been blessed with rights and liberties we have taken for granted. These brave men and women have defended these rights around the world and deserve whatever time you can give them in prayer or in a moment of silence this weekend.




4 thoughts on “Memorial Day is a day for remembrance

  1. Anna

    Thank you, some need a gentle reminder why we are free to have BBQ’s with family and friends; our freedom comes with a great cost.
    Semper Fi


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