CCB Report and Judicial Watch’s FOIA documents


Benghazi 4

Are you ready to be pissed off? Here is the Citizens Commission on Benghazi report and if it doesn’t do the trick nothing will.

The Key Takeaways and Summary of Findings should be enough to tell you that this regime didn’t have any desire to make those responsible pay for what they did that night or any other. It talks about how the administration switched sides from fighting the war on terror to aiding and supplying the terrorists with weapons. The committee is a who’s who of ex military and CIA officers.

Also, here is the information that Judicial Watch acquired through Freedom of Information Act. This has all the emails with talking points being passed around through this regime showing how they were making covering up that it was a terrorist attack on the consulate.

Make sure and read the email from Ben Rhodes to Susan Rice and others on page 14 detailing what she should talk about on the Sunday shows that week.

Whatever you do, please share this information on your blogs and in any social media network on which you belong. Please. Let’s get this out there because it is time to hold someone responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans.



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