The MASTER of the American Leftist Media


The American Mainstream Media and Washington D.C. are dominated today by a Leftist, secular and godless mindset. That isn’t any secret. Not even the unregenerate (unbelievers) will disagree with that. As Lucifer (Satan) controls more and more of the Media today – with these godless surrogates and talking heads – his agenda is moving along quite rapidly and increasing exponentially. Never in the history of this nation has the Main Stream Liberal Media pushed and supported a President’s leftist agenda as this one we have today.

Today Lucifer’s American Leftist Media is ram-rodding, bulldozing, redefining and cultivating the U.S. ground for the future grand reception of his ultimate agenda presided over by his Ultimate Minion, the Anti-Christ, who will head a godless and secular world government in the near future. At that time he will totally possess ALL the World’s remaining media and will vigorously push his global godless agenda…

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