Media Matters fighting unionization of their offices

Typical of all those liberal associations and people, Media Matters is fighting unionization at their offices.  They have been an organization that has been pro-union in their writings for years but they don’t take their own medicine. They seem to be following the “Golden Rule for Liberals.”  That rule states that what we profess that everyone should do and follow we as liberals are exempt from.

Look at John Kerry docking his yacht in Rhode Island allowing him to save $430,000 in one time sales taxes and $70,000 in excise taxes annually.  Massachusetts, like many other states, is wrestling with declining tax revenues.  Kerry, on the other hand, is continuously a proponent of raising taxes on the common working people of Massachusetts and America.

Warren Buffett is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and as such one of the wealthiest persons in the world.  He has been a proponent of higher income taxes and estate taxes, however his own company has refused to pay taxes dating back to 2002 that may total $1 Billion.

George Soros, the liberal donor and pontificater of socialist dogma, is another to hide from taxes. He moved his business to Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, which is a tax free state. He recently made $19 million in 36 hours on a currency bet.  He has been convicted in France of insider trading.

Most liberals scream racism and war on women when a conservative say anything against the policies of Barack Obama. However, they remain silent when their side makes racist comments toward any conservative black and sexist statements toward conservative women.  They only defend the liberal blacks and liberal women.  The same liberals remain silent on the abuses women in Islamic countries face daily.

If you agree with them speak away but don’t dare speak up if you disagree.  One of the leaders of the progressive left once said “We are Americans. We have a right to debate and disagree. with any administration.”  Of course that was when George W. Bush was in the White House.  Today though they seem that only their side should have the right to speak.

The liberal agenda is one of divisiveness and exclusivity to their cause. They have no time for opposing views or opinions.  They want us all to live like they say as long as we don’t expect them to follow the same rules.  Dissenters must keep speaking up loud and clear about the usurpation of the Constitution.  It is time to STAND UP, BE LOUD and REMAIN FREE!!



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