Holder loses his cool

Thursday at an Al Sharpton the Attorney General made one of the most egotistical statements I believe I have ever heard. Eric Holder said during his speach that no other Attorney General was ever treated as bad as he was in congressional hearings on Wednesday. If the truth be told it was probably the worst case of manners of any attorney general in such circumstances.

He must have a short memory or just like lying because AG Alberto Gonzales was treated as bad if not worse than he was. The rest of the progressive nut bags all claimed racism was behind it. They forget the stall tactics and willful contempt he has shown for the committee of congress that is tasked with investigating the judicial branch.

As Representative Louie Gohmert asked a question Holder interrupted and pointed his skinny little finger toward Gohmert and said “Don’t go there Buddy.” Might as well have said “Let’s keep it real.” He got combative and when Gohmert’s time had ran out he is heard making a snide comment.

The regime has just as much contempt for congress as they do for the American people. They have a rude awakening coming in 2014 elections. Republicans will have major victories and regain control of the Senate and retain control of the House. There is talk even of a new speaker. If all these things occur maybe we will see the GOP grow a set and start acting like a party that is different from the Democrats.

Until then I will take joy is seeing people like Louie Gohmert, Blake Farenthold, Trey Gowdy and a few more make this administration’s personnel squirm and react the way Holder did Wednesday and Thursday. Small victories until we can have some big changes in D.C.


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