We have all heard what a terrible campaign Wendy Davis is running. She is holding stops without inviting the media all across Texas. First in Travis County and now in Odessa, in Ector County. This is what it’s like to see campaigns run out of steam early on.

She has lied about her past. She has filibustered late term abortions. She has come out and campaigned for open carry when her base is anything but for that. What is her next trick? She is going to need a miracle to revive what is now laughably still called a campaign.

So much for all the money donated by Northeastern progressives in an attempt to turn Texas blue. It is the bi-ggest waste of money since the unions in Wisconsin spent millions trying to recall Governor Scott Walker. We all know how that ended. Walker ended up getting more votes in his recall than he did in the initial campaign.

I love seeing progressives waste their money and time trying to do something in elections. I think it is just grand watching them scratch their collective heads and wonder what happened.

Texas, just say no to Wendy Davis next  November. Vote for Greg Abbott!!


Here is the Breitbart – Texas piece. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/04/05/Wendy-Davis-Welcomed-By-Crickets-In-Midland



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