Short rant based on something I listened to this morning

First of all I am not going to mention names on this rant. This is going to be about ideas.

The idea is that conservatives have to get along with Socialist Marxist ideologues that want nothing less but to run every waking moment of our lives. I cannot and will not abide but that idea. I will resist with every ounce of my being and stay loud and be heard till I draw my last breath.

Anyone that thinks getting along with these tyrannical people are just delaying the time till they too receive what those before them received. They have a one track mind and that is the control of everyone’s speech and ideas. Just because you go along with them doesn’t protect you from their goals. You still, whether you believe or not, are not one of them.

Appeasing the so-called religion of peace to their ultimate aim is the same thing. This too will end badly for you. Look at all the countries dominated by the islamic religion and can you tell me one that is peaceful? I don’t think you can. They have a goal to be world dominate and will kill all who do not convert to their way of seeing things. They are the spawn of SATAN. And to say otherwise shows an unawareness of facts.

They carry out attacks daily and kill hundreds of Christians world wide. Not to mention the millions of fellow muslims they have killed. However, you still claim that the religion is one of peace. You say they have the same god as our Christian faith. Our God tells us to love our enemies as we love ourself. Theirs tells them to kill all the unbelievers. Those are 180 degrees in opposition to each other.

I am tired of hearing you say conservatives being close minded about facts and opinions when our opinions are just as valid as yours and have more historical data to back them up. When it’s too late you will see the failure of your thoughts of both the tyrants and the muslims. Good luck with your beliefs.

Until then I will stick with mine. They have history backing them up.

Yours are made up of fantasy and unicorn farts.

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3 thoughts on “Short rant based on something I listened to this morning

  1. HolgerAwakens (@HolgerAwakens)

    Right on brother! Well said and any fool thinking I, as a conservative, want any part of these pukes in my “tent” is full of shit. Conservatism is for those who hold the ideals close to their heart – we don’t need infiltrators, we don’t need half-assed participants.


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