Happy ‘Liberal’ Fools Day

On a day when people crack jokes on friends of theirs I want to change the day as a day not to honor Liberals but to poke fun at their stupidity. The first lucky Democrat to be pokeded is Diane Feinstein. Remember during her Judiciary Committee testimony for her Gun Bill (SH-216) she made the comment that hunting humans was legal. Don’t believe me listen and watch for yourself.

Next pokee is Hank Johnson. This fool can’t even describe the size of the island of Guam but that isn’t the stupidest thing he says with this question. He has a fear that the island will capsize and tip over if there is too many marines and equipment put on the island. Watch here and see for yourself.

It’s too easy to poke fun at the Vice President but we can’t leave him out of the fun. He has multiple choices to choose from so I chose one that has a collection of his greatest gaffes.

We have the blessing to live while one of the biggest fools to be in government ever resides there. She gives and gives but always wins elections in her Houston district. What does that say about those people, BTW? She has given us so many gaffes it is difficult to choose which one to use, however I chose this one. A freed black slave? How old are you Sheila?

Those are just a few examples of the fools in charge. There are many more. If you know of any please leave a link to the videos in the comments. Till then Happy Fools Day!!


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