An answer to the California School District

This is America the last time I looked. It doesn’t feel much like the country I grew up any more but it is still the “Land of the Free.” The Flag represents this country and as that should be allowed any where, any time.

For a high school in California to ban the wearing of shirts with patriots sayings and the flag on it on Cinco de Mayo is just unbelievable. They school says it will upset the students with Mexican heritage. If it is so disturbing to those students then they have not become Americans. They are still living outside of the American experience.

They claim it’s racist to raise the flag, wear the flag, or just display the flag on anything. How can anyone think that just by showing reverence and respect for the symbol of a country they want to become a part of is racist? I think it says a lot about why they are actually living in America. They like the free education and healthcare that come with living here at the expense of many hard working Americans.

This isn’t North Mexico and never will be. Mexico lost two wars against America and Texas for the claim on this land. They signed treaties giving the land over to America and sold more land along the border to America giving us the boundary we no have between the two nations. I guess their schools in Mexico are just as bad as the schools in America when it comes to teaching history.

If you really want to be Americans you would do well to act like the millions that immigrated from Europe during the 1800s and 1900s. They assimilated into the fabric of America. They became part of the community. They learned the history and celebrated the freedom and liberty they enjoyed as Americans. That is the way you act when you immigrate to this great nation. You don’t come here and claim racism because you happen to not like the sight of Old Glory.

As Americans there is something we can do on May 5th. I think we all should wear shirts with American flags on them on that day. I have created a Facebook page for that very thing. I ask everyone to share this blog and if you happen to be on Facebook share that page with your friends.





4 thoughts on “An answer to the California School District

  1. David Pawson

    If you or someone you know live in an area where some idiot judge has violated your first amendment right to proclaim your pride in your American heritage, consider going to to order a t-shirt or cap with the flag of Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, Albania, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Guyana, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, Ethiopia, or Palau, all of which celebrate a holiday on May 5th (which, amazingly, Mexico does not!). Of course, one can also find many US flag shirts here, too!

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