Wendy Davis whines about attack to people for telling her factual bio

Today Wendy Davis sent a letter to the people saying that she was being attacked. It is funny how she herself said her bio was a little blurry but when we put forth the real bio it is an attack against her.

She is the typical progressive and plays the pity card whenever she can. She stretched the truth to the breaking point and thanks to the Dallas Morning News Wayne Slater, liberal paper and writer, we have been shown the truth. Now she plays the hurt card.

She keeps spouting her ‘blurry bio’ at every campaign stop knowing that the truth is out there but she is just like all progressives in the belief if you tell it long enough it will become fact. She says she is not afraid of their ‘attacks’ and that she is proud of the daughters she raised(by running off and leaving them with her ex-husband while she went to school and her life afterwards).

She wants her supporters to sign the letter to people attacking her. That’s fine. We the people will sign our letter to her progressive policies with our vote.

JUST SAY NO TO WENDY!!nowendysmall


3 thoughts on “Wendy Davis whines about attack to people for telling her factual bio

    1. smokie0730 Post author

      Thanks for the information Bigfoot!! She has no chance. Battleground Texas picked a loser it looks like. 🙂


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