Another progressive liar tries to rewrite history

This time it’s Karen Kirst-Ashman, who wrote a textbook called “Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare.” The textbook, which is being used in a Univeristy of South Carolina class, maybe some false claims on Ronald Reagan and conservatives.

First she claims that Reagan was sexist and wouldn’t appoint women to higher government positions. This one is easily the most asinine thing ever said about Reagan. He appointed Sandra Day O’Connor as a justice to the Supreme Court and named Jeane Kirkpatrick U.S. representative to the United Nations, each becoming the first woman to hold such positions. Obviously Kirst-Ashman just forgot these facts or she is attempting what many other liberals have also tried to do. Of course it is the latter.

She also claimed that conservatives hold a “pessimistic view of human nature” and believe that people are “corrupt, self-centered, lazy, and incapable of true charity.” Conservatives fight to defend everyone’s freedoms and liberties. Lately it is the progressive party that is trying to take our second amendment rights because some liberal nutjobs have used their guns to commit mass shootings across America. Liberals think all guns are evil and to control crime they want to take that right away from law abiding citizens across all spectrums of life in America. They should just outlaw crazy liberals(I know, that is a double negative) from possessing guns and crime would drop exponentially.

In the book she also tries to say that conservatives are incapable of true charity. This statement is just as false. Studies for years have said that conservatives generally support and encourage voluntary charity. while some others have even suggested that conservative Americans are actually more likely to donate to charity than liberal Americans.

When marxist and progressives can’t win on their own policies they set out to destroy people whose policies made a difference in the lives of the people. We must all keep our eyes out for more of these type of efforts in the future. There will definitely be more of them.


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