Wendy Davis rewrites her previous filibuster stance








Today there was news that Wendy Davis would support a 20 week abortion ban if the mother and her doctor could have more influence. Just give her a few more weeks and she will change her tune again. A friend said she dropped her principles as fast as she dropped the responsibility of raising her children.

She filibustered for 13 hours on the floor of the senate last year and become a darling of the national progressives, however not so much in Texas.  She said she would have supported that bill had it left deference for the mother and her doctor to make the decision.

“I would have and could have voted to allow that to go through, if I felt like we had tightly defined the ability for a woman and a doctor to be making this decision together and not have the legislature get too deep in the weeds of how we would describe when that was appropriate,” she said.

So her 13 hour filibuster was just a grandstanding opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. Today she has swapped her position on the bill and I am sure it is not for political reasons. She is trying to stake her campaign in a conservative state and knows that progressive policy that is the rage in the Northeastern states will not pass muster here in Texas.

This comes a week after she went against the Democrat party of Texas and said she would back an open carry bill that is thought to brought up during the next legislative term. She has also stated she agrees with Governor Perry’s thoughts on decriminalizing marijuana possession.  

Until Texas votes in primaries less than a month away and then the general next November how many times will she flip flop on her positions? I am sure the stances she takes in Texas vary widely from the ones she uses when she is out of state working  to raise money for her race.

I have one thing to say to Texans and that is to “Just Say No To Wendy Davis.”


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