Chris Matthews makes excuses for the president’s failures and put forth the administration’s lies for them

Chris Matthews blew spittle out his mouth making his excuses for the IRS scandal, the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and Obamacare. First of all, the hate is toward his anti-American marxist policies and his lies that cover up the scandals. He once said he didn’t realize there was such scandals.

Give me a break. This president is absent from any kind of leadership even within his own administration. If by some stretch of imagination you can believe he didn’t know the IRS was improperly targeting conservative groups, the fact that he now knows that they were doing it by their own admission and everyone in charge with the IRS, that were carrying out the illegal acts, still has a job or has been promoted. Therefore he is guilty of this.

He went to bed and slept while 4 Americans were killed in order to be fresh for a campaign trip to Las Vegas the next morning. We had enough time to fly back and forth to Italy 4 times but not enough time for this president or his administration to send assistance to Benghazi. Who in this administration issued the stand down order? He is guilty of this by not finding out who issued that order or by doing it himself.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been labled a terrorist organization in Egypt but he funds them just the same. Supplying the enemy with funds and weapons is treason. He is guilty of this multiple times. Yet he claims Al Qaeda is on the ropes. Ask people in Baghdad where 17 Iraqis were killed in multiple explosions across the city if Al Qaeda is on the ropes. If you keep funding arms of the group they will never go away. This president is definitely guilty of that.

There are more things this president has done that he is guilty of too. He lies over and over then denies he ever said that. He has his own supporters or supporters of Hillary Clinton investigate Benghazi. They change the rules for the IRS allowing them to harass the dissenters of this administration. He compounds his mistakes with other mistakes. For this he is guilty of subterfuge of our constitution.

These are all actions which I for hate as a law-abiding citizen. There is nothing personal about that hate although one man has committed them all or refused to find out who in his administration is the one to blame.  That one man is Barack Hussein Obama, and as Chris Matthews said “He is who he is, who he is, who he is.” We know who he is and what he is, do you Chris or do you still have that tingle running up your leg?


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