Just my opinion but I feel it’s important

I keep hearing that a vote for either party is a vote for the same party.  Therefore my friends saying this are going to vote for a third party candidate. It is too early to take that stance for a reason I will spell out here.

First, when there is not a chance that the third party candidate can win a vote for him or her is just a vote for the socialists and marxists in power now. The Democrats will vote for their candidate no matter what. When those right of center split up and vote for two different candidates it all but guarantees the party in power another victory. And I really get why people don’t want to vote for the Republicans. I myself have been a Republican since my vote was cast for Reagan in 1980, however, I no longer call myself a Republican. I classify myself as an Independent.

Second,  historical data over the last three decades says there is a difference when the Republicans have control of the Senate that the economy does better, spending is better controlled, a huge reduction of people on welfare, and lower unemployment numbers. I used an article by Ben Voth on American Thinker for the data of these facts. If you want you can read his article here.

Like Mr. Voth says, you must ignore facts to say that there is no difference between the two parties when they have control of the Senate as well as the House. It makes a big difference according to historical data and it will make a huge difference again.  Just give it some thought before you give the progressives any more time in control of the Senate and waste your vote on a candidate that has no chance to win or change anything but for the worse.




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