Wendy Davis isn’t quite what she says she is

During her political campaigns Wendy Davis, candidate for governor of Texas, has always said she was a teenage single mother who had raised herself out of a mobile home in her past. Today in the Dallas Morning News in an article they point out that she was 21 when she was separated from her husband and moved in with her mother for a while with her young child.

She lived there for a for a few months before moving into an apartment with her daughter. As a single mother she worked two jobs before meeting Jeff Davis, a local attorney, and marrying him later. She would have a second daughter with Davis.

While married to Davis, Wendy attended Texas Christian University and Harvard Law School, all paid for by Jeff Davis. He kept the kids in Fort Worth while she attended school in Boston. When the divorced in 2005 he was awarded child custody and she was required to pay child support.

Though she did go through some tough times when her parents were divorced she ended up marrying a lawyer and going to college through his money and became a lawyer.

When she ran for City Council in Fort Worth the first time in 1996 she lost. After that defeat she sued the Fort Worth Star Telegram for libel with a claim of “psychological pain caused by negative news coverage of her own campaign tactics.”

The story of the lawsuit and the editorial can be seen in it’s entirety here on The Real Wendy.  This along with her funding coming from the northeast and west coast should tell Texans just what kind of person is running for governor here. She sued over the 1st amendment rights of a newspaper to print their opinion and Texas just doesn’t need someone who doesn’t stand up for freedom of speech.

To say it plainly, Wendy Davis is wrong for Texas. She would attempt to turn Texas into a version of California. Texas has excelled during the recession because of conservative policies and if she became the first Democrat governor since Anne Richards she would change all of that.


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