How can any conservative or liberal for that matter be OK with NSA spying on us all?

Yesterday Barack Obama had his speech addressing the NSA spying. He said they would stop spying on world leaders but have very limited change to the spying program and it’s ability to record meta data, record 200 million text messages a day and even record all phone calls between America and foreign countries.

What disturbs me most is that some conservatives have said they were happy that he didn’t change the spying program. How can these people say they are conservatives and that they stand up for freedom, liberty and rights when they are OK with the NSA doing stuff like this?

This is farcical. You can’t stand up for any of what you say you do when everything you do is being watched, recorded and stored for future use. These people say that the spying allows federals agencies to identify potential terrorist actions. Oh really? How did the Boston bombing take place then? Did they just choose to ignore the phone calls these bastards made? What makes you think if you disagree with them on policies or politics they will ignore you? History says they won’t, and you do know what they say about history, right?

They also say there hasn’t been any abuse of the spying system. Just the fact they are doing it to everyone in the United States is an abuse of it in my opinion. We have 4th amendment rights in this country they protect us and our property. If you don’t think that is abuse of power, and against the rights of the American people, maybe you need to find another party to join, even though I no longer consider myself a Republican for this reason and many other things the leadership has said about people with beliefs such as mine.

Good Riddance to the Grand Old Party!! Please enjoy the police state, which y’all so eagerly embrace. Some people have said the two party system is dead in America, and when conservatives agree with the Marxist in chief and his administration on this program, it is hard to disagree with them.

Long live the Wacko Birds and Reactionaries!!



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