GOP Establishment and their donors attempt destruction of Tea Party

Former GOP Senator Richard Lugar is now donating to a Democrat senate hopeful’s campaign in Georgia. Both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have vowed to destroy the Tea Party and drive them out of office. This is how the GOP expands their base by pushing the conservatives out. Replacing the conservatives in their party with independents from the center is not a healthy sign for the Republican Party or America.

Latest polls show a big swing in the number of people claiming to be Independents. This is due to the way the GOP in Washington has turned their back on the core principals they run on. Now in reality, there are four groups of Americans in the political spectrum and maybe more. Those that say they are Independents rose to 42% and the ones that will still claim to be Republican dropped to an all time low of 25%. Democrats have remained steady at 31%.

Media assumes that the growth in number of Independents comes in the center of the spectrum. However. I believe it is those that have formed the base of the Republican Party since the days of Reagan that create this growth so in fact, there are two groups of Independents.

My friends quit calling themselves Republicans, and became Independents after the last election. It is difficult to remain loyal to a Party that says one thing to win elections, and when they win and take office they do exactly the opposite and turn their backs on you, and disregard your wishes.

Lately, I have seen many of my so-called conservative friends rally ’round the nonsense that the GOP needs to make their tent bigger by expressing more common goals all voters share, and once you do that, you can get them to listen to the more conservative ones on which they disagree.

This hasn’t worked in the last two elections but the GOP Establishment thinks it will work, and keep pounding their desk with the same message. As these GOP Establishment politicians in Washington keep going along with the Democrats, they continue to push the real base out of their party, and are going to replace them with more centrist and left of center independents. I say good luck with that.

The GOP seems hell bent on creating a third party of people made up by the people they are leaving behind. Reagan grew the tent by expressing common conservative values and selling it to the masses even with the media against him. It can be done again. To just turn over control to the GOP to a group of politicians that have no back bone, and can’t stand up and speak real conservative values is just plain lunacy.

I knew Liberalism was a sickness, however it seems Rinoism is just as bad. They hide their real beliefs in fake votes, when they have made it easier for the Progressives to pass their bills. The GOP house even goes along with them in these instances. Not only that but they have compromised so much that they are beginning to believe the lies. America is truly being ran by one party with slightly different opinions on how to run a big government. That is obvious to me.

It is time to throw all the bums out and start from scratch.


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